Vinothkumar Sengottaiyan

Vinothkumar Sengottaiyan

Vinothkumar Sengottaiyan


Position: Assistant lecturer and Clinical instructor

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

D. S., (Prosthodontics/Master’s degree) - 2013-2016 TNDrMGR Medical University, Chennai, India.

B. D. S, (Bachelor’s degree) – 2005-2010 Saveetha Dental College And Hospitals, Saveetha university, Chennai, india.

Teaching philosophy

I believe learning is a continuous process and that teaching is a form of learning. By trying to teach more, we only learn more than what we teach. For this reason I consider my students as my teachers. I consider every opportunity I get at teaching, as my own learning experience. In a sense, I believe I’m teaching myself and I want my teacher (myself) to give the best to me.

Previous positions

Senior lecturer @Department of prosthodontics, Saveetha Dental College And Hospitals, Saveetha university, Chennai, India (2017-2018)

Research interests
  1. Dental implant design and prosthodontics
  2. Material sciences and Biomechanics in Prosthodontics
  3. Maxillofacial prosthetics

BDS (Bachelor’s degree) – 2nd grade theory and preclinical course, 4th grade and 5th grade clinical course


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ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-2019:

1) BP Shenoy, V Sengottaiyan. (2018) Knowledge and Awareness among Dental Students on the use of Neutral Zone Technique for Fabrication of Complete Dentures. Research Journal of Science and Technology 10 (4), 261-269.

2) N Srinivasan, V Sengottaiyan, D Ganapathy. (2019). Zirconia as an alternative to titanium for oral implant-A review. Drug Invention Today. 11(2), p334-339.

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-2018:

1) Arun kumar K, Vidya Sankari N, Naveen kumar T, Vinothkumar Sengottaiyan. (2017) Precautions to be considered in complete denture patients for various abnormal oral soft tissue conditions. JIDENT- Journal of integrated dentistry 1 (3), 1-6.


1. PRESENTED A PAPER TITLED “Use of multi-unit abutments in full mouth implant rehabilitations” AT 2nd Duhok International Dental Conference (DIDC) Duhok, KRG, Iraq on March 28-29, 2019.

2. PRESNTED A PAPER TILTLED “Comparison of surface detail reproduction of poly vinyl siloxane, polyether and polyvinyl ether silicone- an in vitro study” AT International dental conference Alnoor University college, Erbil, KRG, Iraq on April 11-12, 2019.

3. PRESENTED A PAPER TITLED “Prosthetic workflow in Full mouth Implant restorations” AT 4th International conference of oral sciences Erbil, KRG, Iraq on May 13-14 201.

4. PRESENTED AN E-POSTER TITLED “Rehabilitation of resected mandible with fibula graft and endosseous implants” AT 13th biennial conference of international society for maxillofacial rehabilitation Pune, India on 5,6,7,12,13&14 Feb 2021


DENT 281-282 Prosthodontics theory and practice I & II

DENT 481-482 prosthodontics theory V & VI


DENT 281-282 Prosthodontics theory and practice I & II


DENT 381-382 Prosthodontics theory and practice III & IV


DENT 281 Prostodontics T & P ii (fixed prosthodontics 2nd Grade under-graduate dentistry)