Shino A. Mamand

Shino A. Mamand
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Specialty Architectural Design
Pronouns She / Her / Hers

Shino A. Mamand

Head of Architecture Department

Position: Head of Architecture Department/Assistant Lecturer
Faculty : Engineering.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
  • 2014-2017: MSc in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN at College of Art and Architecture/ Istanbul Okan University, Istanbul/ Turkey
  •  2007-2012: BSc ARCHITECTURE at College of Engineering/ Salahaddin University, Erbil/ Iraq.
Teaching philosophy

I believe that there are some fundamental elements that are conducive to learning.

Firstly the Instructor’s role is to act as a guide. Then students must have access to hands-on activities. Finally students need the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment.

As an instructor, it is my responsibility to continue to develop and foster a creative learning environment for students to reach a high potential no matter of their background or skill level.

In the studio I, it is important that a critical dialogue and critique take place, in which not only influences the students design process but also begins to mold or shape a student’s view on his/her surrounding environment as they are considered as beginners in this field. As a designer with research and interest in digital design, digital fabrication, and computation, students will be analyzing and incorporating works, writings and processes based on these topics into their own design process. In the upper grades, they will be introduced to technologies such as various digital software (design software and analysis software), 3D printing, and Laser Cutter, which gives them the tools, framework and background to articulate their reactions. This process allows the student to explore, investigate, and make possible architectural solutions to the given design problems in which the studio will investigate.

Previous positions

Jul 2012 – Dec 2012: Full-time Architect at HARCO Company, Lebanese village Erbil/ Iraq.

Dec 2012 – Sep 2014: Research assistant in Architecture department, Tishk international University, Erbil/ Iraq.

Oct 2016 – Oct 2018: Research assistant at Interior design department, Tishk international university Erbil/ Iraq.

Research interests

Theory of architecture, City planning, Urban design, Interior design rendering, interior design, sustainable architecture


Four BSc Students in interior design department, Tishk international university 2019-2020

Six BSc Students in interior design department, Tishk international university 2020-2021


Mohammed, S., B., Taha, M., Mohammed, R., B., Mamand S., A. & Mohammed, D., A. ( 2020).

Teaching Methodology for Interior Design Studio-I during COVID-19 Pandemic at Tishk International University.


INDS 412: Portfolio Preparation & Graduation Thesis Study


INDS 111: Introduction to interior design

INDS 314: Decorative art after 19th century

INDS 212: Interior and Exterior Illustration I

INDS121: Design studio

INDS 124:Form space and order


INDS 111: Introduction to interior design

INDS 517: Local historical spaces

INDS 314: Decorative art after 19th century

INDS 323: Design visualization communication and documentation

INDS121:Design studio

INDS 124:Form space and order


INDS 111: Introduction to interior design(Research assistant)

INDS223: Conceptual detailing(Research assistant)

INDS125: Rendering for interior design(Research assistant)