Sharad Visht

Sharad Visht
Cell Phone +9647511644562
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Specialty Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pronouns He / Him / His

Sharad Visht


Position: Assistant Professor
Faculty : Pharmacy.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Teaching philosophy


Previous positions

Assistant Professor, DIT University, Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India

Research interests

Pharmaceutics, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology




Currently guided-4



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Sharad Visht, Rajendra Awasthi, Ravi Rai, Pradhi Srivsatav. (2014). Development of dehydraton and rehydration liposomal system using film hydration technique followed by sonication, Current Drug Delivery, 11(6): 763-770. [DOI: 10.2174/1567201811666140910122945.]

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Oral presentation

Sharad Visht, Panakj Pant, Priyanshi Pushkar. (2020). Oral Research Presentation on Permeation enhancing activity of Herbal oil, organised by SPDS, APTI, DRIP (27/05/2020 – 05/06/2020)

●Nishat Anjum, Sharad Visht. (2018). A comparison of drug release: Microparticles vs nanoparticles at Lovely Professional Univerity, Phagwarda.

●2017, February, 17-18 International Conference on ‘Drug Delivery System of Phytoconstituents-Past, Present & Future’ Pharmaneo2017 in Invertis Institute of Pharmacy at Invertis University, Bareilly, Utter Pradesh on topic ‘Antiulcer activity of glycyrrhetinic acid-curcumin ester’.

●2014, March 03-04, National conference on recent advances in biosciences and drug discovery 2014 organized by Department of Pharmaceutical sciences Faculty of Ayurveda & Medical Sciences, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, Uttrakhand on topic ‘Antifungal activity of glycyrrhetinic acid-curcumin ester’.

Poster presentation

●2018, Nishat Anjum, Sharad Visht, Aanchal Saini, Ist prize in Poser Presentation on topic “Gender equality” in Conference at MMU-Ambala

●2018, Aanchal Saini, Sharad Visht, Nishat Anjum. Development and Evaluation of Emulgels for Treatment of Viral Born Skin Disease Wart at Lovely Professional Univerity, Phagwarda.

●2018, Sahban Ahmed, Mohd Vaseem, Mohd Mutkeem, Sharad Visht. Evaluation of Levocetrizine dihydrochloride Microsphere at Lovely Professional Univerity, Phagwarda.

●2018, Aanchal Saini, Sharad Visht, Nishat Anjum. Extraction and isolation Strategy at Conference at MMU-Ambala

●2015, October 30-31, Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational & Technical Education, Greater Noida. Poster Presentation on topic “Development of Liposomes using Soya Phospholipids”.

●2015, October 30-31, Ram-Eesh institute of vocational & technical education, Greater Noida on topic “Brain Drug Delivery via Lipid Based Nano-Carrier Systems: Potential and Challenges”.

●2014, 3rd Prize in Poster presentation, Biomarker, Sobhit University on topic “Recent Advances in Developing Biomarker Technology & Application of NGS in Pharmacogenomics”.

●2011, October 20-21, Poster presentation on “Comparison of ulcer healing activity of salts of glycyrrhetinic acid” National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Herbal Drug Research” at MM College of Pharmacy, Markendeshwar University.

●2012, September, 21-23 Poster Presentation on topic Development of Mucoadhesive Microspheres using Mucilage in International Conference on Perspective and Challenges in Pharmacy and Health Care System at Manav Institute of Pharmacy, Village and Post- Jevra, Hisar (Hariyana), India.

●2012, March 3-4, Indian Council of Medical Research Department of Health research and Punjab Technical University Sponsored Conference “Research Methodology, Survey and Screening of Antidiabetic Plat Drugs” at SBS College of Pharmacy.

●2012, January 28, Poster presentation on “Comparison between Heat and Chemical Stabilization Methods to Prepare Mucoadhesive Microspheres” in Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

●2009, November 13-15, Second prize in Poster Presentation in 2nd AICET Sponsered National Seminar on “Drug discovery Techniques and challenges (DDTC 09)” on topic Preparation and evaluation of fast dissolving drug delivery system containing Levocetrizine HCl at SBS College of Pharmacy.

●2009, October 3-4, Poster presentation in APTICON-2009, 14th Annual national Convention of Association of Pharmaceutical teachers of India on topic ‘A new concept of Nasal Mucoadhesive Thermoreversible Delivery System’ at Lachoo Memorial College of science and technology, Jodhpur Pharmacy Wing.

●2009, October 3-4, Poster presentation in APTICON-2009, 14th Annual national Convention of Association of Pharmaceutical teachers of Indiaon topic ‘Design and evaluation of mucoadhesive buccal films containing famotadine’ at Lachoo Memorial College of science and technology, Jodhpur Pharmacy Wing.


PHAR145, Biopharmaceutics 



PHAR145, Biopharmaceutics