Seema K. Alfaris

Seema K. Alfaris
Cell Phone 07700220747
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Specialty Urban and Reginal planning
Pronouns She / Her / Hers

Seema K. Alfaris

Architecture Engineering

Position: Asst. Lecturer 
Faculty : Engineering.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

.2016-2013: MSc in Urban and Regional Planning at Centre of urban and regional / Baghdad University, Baghdad/ Iraq.

· 2013-2007: BSc ARCHITECTURE at College of Engineering/ Baghdad University, Baghdad/ Iraq.

Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy : I believe that Teaching is a process of learning from your students, colleagues, parents, and the community. This is a lifelong process where you learn new strategies, new ideas, and new philosophies. I believe that there should be a true friendship between the lecturer and his students in order to deliver the teaching message easier and foster the students to learn more . Over time, my educational philosophy may change, and that's okay. That just means that I have grown and learned new things."

Previous positions
Research interests
  1.  مشكلات الفضاءات الحضرية
  2. الاتجاهات التخطيطية المعاصرة للفضاءات المفتوحة
  3. The Green Network Panoramic Vision

1-Israa Ghazi _ Children creative Center

2- Noor sarhang _ Modern Art Centre

3_Soz Aziz _ Kurdistan Fashion design academy

4- Zahra Sarhang _ Kurdistan National Park

5_ Dokan Aquarium .


Architectural Design II

execution drawing

History of Architecture

Graduation Thiess


Architectural Design III  (Third Year Architecture Department)

execution drawing  I (Second Year Arch. Department)


Architectural Design II (Second Year Architecture Department) - Theory of color  (Third Year Architecture Department)

History of Architecture I (Second Year Arch. Department) .

Theory of Color (third year Arch. Department)


Basic design & Graphic design (First year Architecture Department) ,

Theory of Architecture (First Year Arch. Department)