Safa Anmar Ameen Albarwary

Safa Anmar Ameen Albarwary
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Pronouns She / Her / Hers

Safa Anmar Ameen Albarwary

Position: Assistant Lecturer
Faculty : Engineering.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

MSc., Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering

BSc., Bachelor Degree in Medical Instrumentation Engineering Techniques.

Teaching philosophy

I believe that lofty and sincere educational goals should be the basis for building a solid educational philosophy. The teacher must have a very clear vision and ask him/herself, why do I seek to be a leader of science, and what are the responsibilities of being a leader (Instructor) for the students. In order to be successful in the field of education, you must be honest with yourself and what your goals are first because you are going to build the future by guiding, educating, and building these young generations that you lead through this career. There are five golden rules in the field of education: Overcoming Limitations, No one is perfect, but we can always improve by transforming weaknesses into strengths. Engaging Students, Teaching without the learner's active participation is like practicing democracy without the genuine involvement of the citizen. Building Rapport, Over the course of my teaching career. I have learned that building rapport with my students and creating an open and respectful classroom requires both words and deeds. Seeking out the Frontier, Explore strange new pedagogy, seeks out new teaching methods, and boldly transform your classroom as no one has done before! Maximizing the Theater, Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater, Gail Godwin (1937-)

Previous positions

2020 2021, Scientific supervisor, Department of Surgical Laser – Quanta system devices, Tesla – Emkanat Co., General Trading, Medical Equipment & Supplies

 2019 2020, Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Near East University (NEU). · 2016 2018, Lecturer & Laboratory instructor, Department of Laboratory Instrumentation, Erbil Medical Institute/ (EPU).

Research interests

Medical Mechatronics · Artificial Intelligence · Nanotechnology


BSc. Graduation project, Mechatronics field.

 Medical Mechatronics Projects Medical-Mechatronics field.


Albarwary, S. A., Kibarer, A. G., Mustapha, M. T., Hamdan, H. & Ozsahin, D. U. (2021). The Efficiency of AuNPs in Cancer Cell Targeting Compared to Other Nanomedicine Technologies Using Fuzzy PROMETHEE. Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2021. 

Ozsahin, I., Mustapha, M. T., Albarwary, S., Sanlidag, B., Ozsahin, D. U. & Butler, T. A. (2021). An investigation to choose the proper therapy technique in the management of autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, 10(5), 423–437.




Medical Mechatronics 

Special Topics in Mechatronics (Design of Medical Mechatronics Devices) 

Electrical Circuits & Network Analysis I 

Electrical Circuits & Network Analysis II


Surgical Laser devices (Internship supervision)


Introduction to Biomedical Engineering