Rozh I. Abdulmajed

Rozh I. Abdulmajed

Rozh I. Abdulmajed

Surveying and Geomatics Engineering

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)


Teaching philosophy
My teaching philosophy is that teacher should act or role as an instructor who guide the students, and provide the students’ knowledge, skills and abilities, competencies to be multidisciplinary, skills for solving problems, and develop teamwork skills, because these abilities and skills are very important in preparing the students for after graduation and also getting job. The teacher should instruct the students to search for information and learn by themselves which is very important to be a lifelong learner.

While every student has its own way of learning, I use different methods for delivering, such as Student-Centered Approach and Teacher Centre, and different strategies to make sure everyone understands, because every teaching method can have some limitations, so using several methods than one, can improve teaching quality.

Teaching program or course catalogue designing according to market needs should be taken under consideration because it helps the student to have knowledge and skills to fill that gap after graduation and get the job.

Previous positions

Research Assistant

Research interests
  • GNSS Surveying Methods
  • Satellite Geodesy
  • Performance of GNSS Systems



Abdulmajed, R. I. A. & ABBAK, R. A. (2017), Accuracy Comparison Between GPS
only and GPS plus GLONASS in RTK and Static Methods. Asian Journal of Science
and Technology, 8(11), 6697-6703.

  • Galileo Performance and Satellite Availability in Iraq for GNSS Static Survey.
  • Satellite Geometry Evaluation with Multi-GNSS and Single GNSS System.

- Land Law and Cadastral Survey
- Basic Survey Instruments
- Art of Music
- Global Navigation Satellite System
- Cadastral Information System
- Precise Survey Methods
- Precise Survey Methods
- Safety Critical Skills in Industry
- Methods of GNSS Survey


- Global Navigation Satellite System
- Land Law and Cadastral Survey.
- Engıneering Surveying I (Group B)
- Fundamental of Surveying
- Cadastral Information System
- Methods of GNSS Survey
- Surveying II
- Art of Music 

  • Precise Surveying Methods I
  • Precise Surveying Methods II
  • Surveying I
  • Surveying II
  • Cadastral Surveying and Land Law
  • Cadastral Information System
  • Advance Surveying I
  • Advance Surveying II