Mustafa M. Yuns

Mustafa M. Yuns
Location Tishk International University Sulaimani Branch
Specialty Architecture, Architectural Engineering

Mustafa M. Yuns


Position: Assistant lecturer

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

2013-2015, MSc, Architecture Bahcesehir University - Istanbul

 2006-2011, BSc, Architecture Engineering – Salahaddin University-Erbil

Teaching philosophy

My method of teaching is to engage students into the learning process and encourage them to be active participants of the class instead of being passive learners.  This achieved in three main ways;

1.The knowledge of the students is thoroughly tested and they are encouraged to participate in the classroom and they are rewarded for their participation.

2.I try to spark the enthusiasm of the students to the subject matter and emphasize on its importance for them in their professional careers. In my life as both a student and a teacher I find this method to be one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the students to the subject matter and engage them into the lectures.

3.Students have to make research in order to prepare for the classes and not only depend on presentations prepared for them by me.

Previous positions

Assistant lecturer,

Research Assistant


Research interests
Urban Design, Housing, Theory of Architecture

Demir, A., & Mukhlis, M. (2017). An evaluation of gated communities as a product: An empirical study in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq. Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management12(3), 63-84

  • ARCH 511: Design ProjectARCH 521: Thesis Graduation ProjectTheory Architecture IArt and ArchitectureTheory Architecture IV
  • ARCH111: Basic Design IARCH211: Basic Design IITheory Architecture IArt and ArchitectureTheory Architecture IV

ARCH111: Basic Design I

ARCH211: Basic Design II

Theory Architecture I

Art and Architecture