Muammal Ibrahim

Muammal Ibrahim

Muammal Ibrahim

Architecture Engineering

Position: Professor

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

PhD, MSc /BSc

Teaching philosophy
    • To Promote critical thinking
    • To meet the needs of diverse learners.
    • To create a positive learning environment
    • To encourage Students cognitive abilities in design.
    • All students have the ability to learn and will serve as a facilitator of learning. With equal opportunity and access to learning, every student has the potential to do good architectural design, the objective is Achieving this objective will help them to be creative in design and take responsibility for their learning, by using effective teaching methods of critical thinking, critical design technique, and employing proses of design decision making. All the above objective will improve their self-confidence, motivation, and creativity.
Previous positions


Research interests

Architecture, Urban Design and Planning


5 BA Student and 1 PHD student


The efficiency of space syntax analyses to evaluate the urban plan (The Renewal Plan of Kirkuk City Centre  )

Sulaimani Journal for Engineering

Developing an Indoor Environment Assessment Tool for Residential Buildings. University of Baghdad Journal for Engineering


Design errors impact on cost of project

Cost time model


1. Architecture Design, 4th Stage

2. Urban Design Theory, 4th Stage


1. Architecture Design, 4th Stage

2. Urban Design Theory, 4th Stage

3. Architectural Philosophy 5th stage


1. Philosophy of Architecture. 5th Stage

2. Urban Design Theory, 4th Stage

3. Architecture Design, 4th Stage