Huseyin Mohammed

Huseyin Mohammed

Huseyin Mohammed

Dean of Law

Position: ASST. PROF.

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
  • Ph.D IN LAW -  General LAW
Teaching philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is the students knowledge of science of the criminal law and its parts of bring opinions, scientific expressions fundamentalist statements, legal articles that serve the subject and the scientific method and to take into account the logical arrangement in the subject so that the student has through knowledge and knowledge of the cognitive parch in presenting the subject and how to solve in the answer the questions posed when necessary.

Previous positions
  1. 2008-2021 Lecture in college of Law in Tishik University – full time.
  2. 2019- 2021 Dean in college of Law at Tishik University full- time.
Research interests

1-Brivery in Law and sharia comparative study between law and sharia).

2- The criminal responsibility of the international staff (legal study).

3-presumption of innocence in the law (comparative study).


Supervision numbers of master papers in clouding on of them .

  • Legal system valeting to the relationship between the prosecuting and investigation in authority.
  • Alternative sanctions in the law.
  1. Problems of Implementing Alternative Penalties.
  2. Intentional concealment offense.
  3. The presumption of innocence and its legal implications a comparative legal study in the light of constitutions, laws and international charters.
  4. Gifts and bribery and deference between them in sharia and law.
  5. Future prospects of the international criminal court in the new world order.
  6. Penal Law.
  7. Mechanisms for strengthening the legislative power through its relationship with the executive branch.
  8. Deprivation of some rights and benefits as a criminal punishment – a comparative study.
  9. The penalty of deprivation of some rights and privileges – a comparative study. Legal treatments for women’s suicides by self-immolation/ Erbil as an example(legal study).
  10.  International criminal justice.
  11. International criminal judiciary analytical critical studys – PhD thesis faculty of law and politics –slahaddin university –Erbil –printed- salahaddin University press 2004, Erbil .
  12. Crimes and type of crimes in Islamic Law.
  13. The general theory of the crime of abstince- a comparative study.
  14. International criminal courts their trials ,future prospects for international criminal justice.
  15. Begging.
  16. Land sale contract.
  17. Definitions of crime and its types.
  18. Deprivation of some rights and privileges as a criminal penalty a comparative study.
  19. Criminal responsibility of the international employee.
  20. Islamic discourse.
  21. The sustem of combining the charging and investigation powers and the position of the Iraqi legislation and comparative legislation regarding the system of combining the accusation and investigation powers.
  22. Political consensus is a coup against the constitution.
  1. Liability arising from a medical error and its penalties.
  2. The criminal responsibility 2016 of international staff.
  1. Criminology
  2. Criminal Proceeding 
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Personal Status (manage and Divorce)
  1. Criminology
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. introduction to Law