Harmand A. Hama

Harmand A. Hama
Cell Phone 07501917303
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Specialty Molecular Biologist
Pronouns He / Him / His

Harmand A. Hama

Head of Biology Department

Position: Head of Biology Education Department| Assistant Lecturer
Faculty : Education.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)


Teaching philosophy

As a Biologist my philosophy is based on a proposition that “Teaching is about Learning”. This means that to improve teaching I must focus on the learning needs of the future that will be shaped by today’s students. Learning is not something that can be defined as a procedure; learning is something that occurs in a rather unstructured and ad-hoc way. However, learning can be built into structures and processes. As we make new connections between known concepts, add new strategies, link those new concepts to old concepts, then we begin to learn and our body of knowledge grows.

As a teacher I want to be a part of change at least something in the world. While I realize what I hope to accomplish is limited, I know education is where I can have the greatest impact. I want my students to understand that the professional world they will inhabit, the school, is not immutable. As future teachers they can make a difference and their classrooms can be healthy, supportive environments in which their own students can grow and learn.

Previous positions

Research Assistant

Research interests

Cancer biology, Epidemiology


Merza, M. Y., Hwaiz, R. A., Hamad, B. K., Mohammad, K. A., Hama, H. A., & Karim, A. Y. (2021). Analysis of cytokines in SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 patients in Erbil city, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Plos one16(4), e0250330.

Hwaiz, R., Merza, M., Hamad, B., HamaSalih, S., Mohammed, M., & Hama, H. (2021). Evaluation of hepatic enzymes activities in COVID-19 patients. International immunopharmacology97, 107701.

Merza, M. Y., Faraj, T. A., Tawfiq, R. D., Hwaiz, R. A., Hama, H. A., & Smael, Y. S. (2021). Targeting of the receptor for advanced glycation end products regulates neutrophil infiltration and extravascular recruitment in mice acute pancreatitis. Biomedical Research (0970-938X).

Yousif Merza, M., Ahmed Hwaiz, R., T Yaseen, R., Abdulsattar Faraj, T., & Ali Hama, H. (2021). Analysis of serum lipid profile in adult female smokers in Erbil city, Kurdistan region of Iraq. Biomedical Research32(1), 29-31.

Hama, H. A., & Karim, A. Y. (2019). Evaluation of p53 expression among Colorectal Cancer patients. Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences31(6), 130-134.


Hama, H. A., & Karim, A. Y. (2019). Evaluation of p53 expression among Colorectal Cancer patients. ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences31(6), 130-134.

1. Molecular Biology
2. Genetics
3. I was following both ( Practice Teaching, and School Experience) courses.

Research methodology, Histology


Lab of Histology, Genetics, Plant physiology, plant growth and development, entomology and Virology