Farhan A. Ali

Farhan A. Ali
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Pronouns He / Him / His

Farhan A. Ali

Position: Interior design Eng. department/ Architectural Eng. Dep.Lecturer (part time)

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

2015- 2020- PhD. Architectural design from Girne American University, Cyprus

1997- 2000 - M.Sc. Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Baghdad.

1990- 1996- B.Sc. Architectural engineering from the University of Mosul.

Teaching philosophy
I belive of the necessity to engage deeply and widely in creative techniques that could be used to enhance and improve the teaching methodology in the design studio and the outcomes of the architectural design profession and its pedagogy alike. Also, my interest is to examine how the design process needs to explore both divergent and convergent thinking to maximize the productivity of problem-solving processes. For many years I have been practicing the architecture as profession and I have deep belief that architect must engage to the cultural context of his/her era without losing the conscious connection to tradition. During my practicing architecture and teaching in design studio, one synergy of the design that I found significantly interesting is creativity.  Interestingly, the topic of creativity is often not directly engaged with in architectural practice and education; more often the assumption is simply made that it will be present, and also about who might ‘have’ it. My interest in this area stems from the experience of teaching in architectural studio, where the job is in effect to facilitate creativity in architecture students as they develop their skills. Thus, I have deep belief that teaching in architectural design studio would benefit from being more directly concerned with creativity, and how to facilitate it.  This is important in order to promote the students’ progress in both their design education and subsequent professional development.  Thus, my teaching venture aims to make more explicit and enhance the approaches to creativity in studio teaching.
Previous positions
Occupation: Part-time Lecturer (2020- 2021)

Employer: Department of Architectural Eng.- / Tishk International University, Iraq

Department of Interior design Eng. / Tishk International University, Iraq


§  Teaching Architectural and interior design courses

Occupation: Lecturer (2010- 2015) -(2017-2020)

Employer: (2010-2015) Architectural Engineering Department / Cihan University – Erbil –Iraq.

(2017-2020) Interior Design Department/ Cihan University – Erbil –Iraq.


§  Head of Interior Design Department (2017-2020)

§  Academic Staff Member

§  Member of central examination committee

§  Member of central committee of graduation ceremony

Occupation: Part-time Lecturer (2016- 2017)

Employer: Department of Architecture / Girne American University, Cyprus

Department of Architecture / American University of Cyprus, Cyprus


§  Teaching Architectural courses

Occupation: Architect (part time /2007)

Employer: WON construction company (S. Korean) / Darna housing project – Libya.

Duties: Supervising architectural issues in-situ

Occupation: Lecturer. (2003-2008)

Employer: Higher Institute of Comprehensive Vocations / Albayda – Libya.


§  Teaching Architectural courses

Occupation: Designer (2002-2003)

Employer: Hazim Alzu`bi pottery workshop / Amman – Jordan


§  Designing pottery and mural artworks

Occupation: Designer & Architectural Supervisor (2000-2002)

Employer: Bawer for Engineering Consultant Bureau / Duhok – Iraq


      • Architectural Design
      • Architectural Supervision
      • Consulting Design Projects.

Occupation:  Designer & Architectural Supervisor (1997-2000)

Employer: Tannasuq (Harmony) Engineering Bureau / Mosul – Iraq


      • Architectural Design
      • Architectural Supervision.
Research interests

Design process- Design methodology – Creativity


Many of BA theses in interior design- BSc. theses in architectural engineering (classes supervision).

  1. Ali F. A. (July 2017) The Influence of Le Corbusier on the emergence of the Aesthetic Values in the Modern Architecture of Cyprus. Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, 2(1), PP 1-12. DOI https://doi.org/10.25034/ijcua.2017.3651
  2. Ali F. A. (September 2017) From Zoning Based Area to A Hybrid Space: The transformation Strategies. Proceeding of Četvrti naučni skup Univerziteta Istočno Sarajevo INSTITUCIJE I EKONOMIJA – ŠTA (NE)MOŽEMO URADITI BOLJE -Andrićgrad, 01-02. septembar 2017. godine
  1. Ali F. A. (2018) Model-Making to Boost Creative Thinking in the Design Studio. Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal. A Special Issue for Cihan University-Erbil Second International Conference on Linguistics and Arts (CIC-LITART’18)DOI: 10.24086/cuesj.si.2018.n1a2

Adopting SCAMPER`S Strategies to Incorporate the Sustainability Concepts Within Architectural Design Process- The second international conference on architectural and civil engineering-2021


Interior design studio III and IV- thesis report- graduation project-freehand drawing- coloring and presentation- Design Methodology-Academic debate


Interior design studio III and IV- thesis report- graduation project-freehand drawing I and II- Design methodology


Architectural design studio III- Interior design studio IV -Freehand drawing I and II- Design Methodology-History of Interior design