Esra T. Bayrakdar

Esra T. Bayrakdar

Esra T. Bayrakdar

Head of Department / Pharmacy

Position: Head of Department / Pharmacy &Asst. Lecturer

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

MSc. (2011): Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Technology Dept. Hacettepe University/ Turkey 2- BSc.(2007): Faculty of Pharmacy Hacettepe University/ Turkey

Teaching philosophy

Teaching is a process where you learn new strategies, new ideas, and know about how to deal with students and make right decisions. Over time, my educational philosophy may change. That just means that I have developed myself and learned new things. Meanwhile I believe that teaching is not just that simple word, its learning how to deal with several situations and people. Learning how to improve yourself and believe in what you do. Meanwhile I like teaching and searching about medical and pharmaceutical sciences. New drug formulations and preparations is my best area of interest. I did my M.Sc. search about new drug delivery systems and a dermal drug formulation which is used for cosmeceutical purpose to improve skin aging and remove scars. Pharmaceutical Technology department posses a wide area of research like: Drug delivery systems, Nanotechnology, Clinical pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics, and Cosmetics.

Previous positions

Asst. Lecturer

Research interests

Nanotechnology 2-Formulation Development 3-Novel Drug delivery Systems 4-Phytopharmaceutics 5- Cosmeceutics



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1- Principles of Pharmaceutical Calculations

2- Pharmacy Training I & II

  1. Pharmaceutical Technology I & II
  2. Pharmaceutical Analysis I
  3. Pharmacy Training I
  1. Pharmaceutical calculations (theory & Lab)
  2. Physical Pharmacy II Lab
  1. Pharmacology I & II (Dentistry students TIU)
  2. Principles of Pharmaceutical Calculations-Pharmacy dept. TIU