Dr. Idris H. Salih

Dr. Idris H. Salih

Dr. Idris H. Salih

Chair of Trustees

Position: Head of Board of Trustees.

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)

- BA in Sulaimani university / Iraq in 1976 - Master’s Degree in Communication Engineering at Leningrad University in 1982 -PhD Degree in Communication Engineering (Technical Science) at Leningrad university in 1985

Teaching philosophy

-Using different styles of teaching to be converted to learning, combining theory with practice and focusing on student as a core of the learning process, creating team groups for discussing + debate , allowing student how to develop their abilities by performing studies , researches ..etc.

Previous positions
  1. Worked as the Research Assistant in Electrical Engineering Department, college of Engineering at Sulaimani University between “1976 – 1979”.
  2. Worked as the Head of Electrical Engineering Department, college of Engineering at Salahaddin University between “1985 – 1990”.
  3. Worked as President of Salahaddin University – Erbil between “1999 – 2000”.
  4. Worked as the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Bagdad between “2004 – 2005”.
  5. Worked as the first Minister of Higher \Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Regional Government – Erbil between “2006 till November 1st 2009”.
  6. Worked as the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in the first elected government of Iraq – Bagdad between “2005-2006”. For the first time, Laws, Regulations and a system was put forward for social protection network which has been implemented successfully and is still implemented, in addition to the reforms in the laws of labor, women, children and juvenile.
  7. Founding member of Human Rights organization in Kurdistan region and was elected as the president of the organization - Erbil brunch- from 1991 till 1993. During this time, he has actively participated in conferences, workshops related to human rights, women rights children rights and joint projects with international Human Rights organization such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Human Rights organization of UN and other organizations.
  8. Was elected as Member of Parliament in Kurdistan Region between “1992 - 2005”.
  9. Worked as the Minister of Transportation and Communication in the first cabinet of Kurdistan regional government – Erbil in 1992.
  10. Worked as the Minister of Transportation and Communication in the second cabinet of Kurdistan regional government – Erbil in 1993.
  11. Worked as the Minister of Industry and Energy in the third cabinet of Kurdistan regional government – Erbil in 1996.
  12. Worked as the Minister of Municipalities and Tourism in the Kurdistan regional government – Erbil in 1998.
  13. He has participated in many International, national and regional conferences, workshops and seminars.
  14. Head of Board of Trustees of Ishik University since “2016 –and acting president of TIU at the same time.
Research interests

1- Plasma physics
2- Communication
3- Electron swarm parameters
4- Electrical engineering
5- Eielectric properties


1- A Single-switch Bi-polar Triple Output Converter with Fuzzy Control

2- Solving of the Boltzmann transport equation using two-term approximation for pure electronegative gases (SF6, CCl2F2)

3- Analysis of Electron Transport Coefficients in SiH4Gas using Boltzmann Equation in the Presence of Applied Electric Field

4- Electron Transport Properties In Tetramethylsilane Vapour

5- The adsorption of chlorofluoromethane on pristine and Ge-doped silicon carbide nanotube: a PBC-DFT, NBO, and QTAIM study


7- Calculation of Electron Swarm Parameters in Tetrafluoromethane