Dr. Dogan Halil Ozdemir

Dr. Dogan Halil Ozdemir
Location Tishk International University Sulaimani Branch
Specialty Genetics and Medical Biology, Biology

Dr. Dogan Halil Ozdemir

Presidency Offices

Position: Vice President, Ph.D., Lecturer

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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)


Teaching philosophy

Teaching is a process of learning from your students, colleagues, parents, and the community. This is a lifelong process where you learn new strategies, new ideas, and new philosophies.

I aim to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to the classroom each day. I believe that I owe it to my students, as well as the community, to bring consistency, diligence, and warmth to my job in the hope that I can ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in the children as well.

Previous positions
  1. Head of Dentistry Department  2011-2013
  2. Dean of Engineering Faculty 2013-2015
  3. Vice President in Sulaimani Branch 2015-
Research interests
  1. Molecular biology
  2. microbiology
  3. genetics
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