Neville D’Cunha

Neville D’Cunha
Cell Phone 9647517378863
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Specialty International Relations & Diplomacy
Pronouns He / Him / His

Neville D’Cunha


Position: Asst. Professor
Faculty : Administrative Sciences and Economics.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
Teaching philosophy

“Teach Less, Teach Deeply”

Teaching for me is fundamentally student-centric. Teaching and Learning is centered on the acceptance of the students.

Teaching Deeply enables the students and me to go through the entire learning process in a way that we together come out of the process as better and informed citizen of the society and world.

Previous positions

Professor of Political Science and International Relations.

Research interests
  1. Political Violence
  2. International Organizations
  3. European and African Union


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  1. CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS: (Indian and Ethiopian Higher Education)  International Conferences  
  2. Greatest Challenge Facing Indian Higher Education: Quality of Education Enhancement, Paper Presented at International Multidisciplinary Conference on Teaching Language, Literature and Culture through Multimedia at University of Mumbai, India, December 2018.
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1.DBT 101 Academic Writing and Critical Thinking - I

2. IRD 203 Classical Political Thought

3. IRD 305 Religion and Politics

4. IRD 353 Academic Research and Writing

5. IRD 402 Foreign Policy Analysis Spring Semester

6. DBT 102 Academic Writing and Critical Thinking – II

7. IRD 204 Modern Political Thought

8. IRD 308 Ethnic Conflict

9. IRD 402 International Negotiation and Mediation


1.BUS 113 Fundamentals of Economics

2. BUS 123 Ethics in Everyday Life

3. BUS 237 World Religions

4. IRD 203 Classical Political Thought

5. IRD 305 Religion and Politics

6.IRD 116 Civilization History

7. IRD 202 Political and Diplomatic History

8. IRD 204 Modern Political Thought

9. IRD 402 International Negotiation and Mediation


IRD 116-K Civilization History

IRD 204-K History of Political Thought II

IRD 306-K International Political Economy

IRD 402-K International Negotiation and Mediation