Bushra Rashid

Bushra Rashid
Cell Phone 07510207481
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Specialty Pediatric Dentist
Pronouns She / Her / Hers

Bushra Rashid


Position: Chief of Paedodontic department/Lecturer
Faculty : Dentistry.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
  • 2001-2004: MSc. In Paedodontic, Dentistry College, Baghdad University.
  • 1979-1984: BSc in oral and dental surgery, Dentistry College, Baghdad University.
Teaching philosophy
My philosophy of teaching is to generate an environment that permits for supervised exploration. I think that the most useful learning occurs in circumstances that are both expressive and realistic. The main goal of my teaching has been to put learners in these types of situations: in the pedodontic department dental students learning how to deal with children and how to guide them along the time of the visit.I believe that the best way to gain these aims is through small group, chiefly in a clinically related setting. The relevant setting is a key: it permits the student to relate their knowledge into a valuable framework and offers emotional significance to the learning process. Learning in a clinical situation requires a balance between safety and reality. The setting must be real enough so that the knowledge and skills that the student is learning are relevant to similar clinical conditions in the future. However the situation needs to be safe enough so that the student sense empowered to explore the level of their developing skills.However, to really change from a teacher-centered learning setting (such as the classroom) to a learner-centered setting (such as the clinic), students must recognize their learning needs, and assess their progress by themselves. The use of collections, in the dental school, hospital and faculty background is one way that I have believe to enhance self-assessment and assist to impart life-long learning rule.
Previous positions

2004-2013 Pediatric dentist in a specialized dental hospital, as establisher and Chief of Paedodontic department. Almamoon dental Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq.

2001-2003 organization for Pediatric Dentistry specialty. Baghdad University.

1990-2001: GP. Dentist, Baghdad dental Hospitals

1984- 1990: lecturer's assistant, Dentistry Collage, Baghdad University.

Research interests

Pediatric Dentistry, Community Dentistry, Endodontic Of Immature Teeth.


Graduation projects Supervisor:

  • Root development of first permanent molar in Iraqi children
  • Validity of Nolla’s method for Iraqi children northern Iraq

2016-2017: Need and Demand of patients attending Ishik University Hospital.

2017-2018: Efficacy of DOLORAZ in reliving moderate to severe dental pain

2017-2018: prevalence of missing teeth in patients attending Ishik Dental HOSPITAL.

2018-2019: Effect Of Prophylaxis Procedures On The Nano-Composite Surface Roughness. 

2019-2020: Chief complains of Paedodontic patients 

2019-2020: prevalence of supernumerary teeth in a sample of Iraqi patients.

2019-2010: Dental age assessment for Iraqi children using Demirjian’s method


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2017: Volanteer Toothcare Project.

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2019: Assessment of behavioral factors associated with dental caries in pre-school children of high socioeconomic status families.

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2019: Maternal Dental Health Knowledge and Its Relation to theDental Caries Experience of Their Children in Mamyzawa Camp of Refugees in Erbil, Iraq. Original Research

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DENT 544- Research Methods And Graduation Project

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