Ali Bala

Ali Bala

Ali Bala

Dean of Students

Position: ASST. PROF.

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)


Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is mainly based on communicative approach which provides a student centered environment to activate students learning competency in positive environment. My biggest concern is to activate students’ theoretical knowledge and turn it into a practice via assignment, researches, and projects.

Previous positions
  1. September 2015-17 Education Coordinator of Ronaki Hawler Schools.
  2. September 2014-15 Oxford Quality Programme Coordinator- Fezalar Educational Institutions
  3. September 2011-2014 Head of English Department of Fezalar Educational Institutions
  4. January 2010 – 2011 English Teacher in Erbil
  5. September 2008-2010 English Teacher in Moscow International School
  6. January 2006- 2008 English Teacher in Istanbul at a private college
  7. September 2004- 2005 English Teacher in USA, Connecticut
  8. September 2002-2004 English Teacher in Istanbul at a private college
Research interests
  • Learners’ Autonomy 
  • How to teach Reading
  • The effect of digital library system on students’ reading skill development, at primary school level

Social Activities 

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Bala, E. & Bala, A. 2018 Learning to Learn: Strategopedia. International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies ISSN 25200968 (Online), ISSN 2409 1294 (Print), December 2018, Vol.5, No.doi: 10.23918/ijsses.v5i2p164 ·

Bala, E. & Bala, A (2020). The Impact of Learning Culture of High Schools on Learner Autonomy in Private University Preparatory Schools (A Case of Erbil). Universal Journal of Educational Research 8 (11B), 6200-6207. 

Bala, A. & Bala, E. (2020). The Reflections of the English Language Teaching Department Students on Internship Programs. A Case of Erbil. International Journal of English Linguistics 10 (6), 372-380.

 Bala, A. (2020). The Impact of Incentives and Awards in Digital Libraries on Primary School Students' Reading Motivation in EFL Classrooms-(A Case of Erbil, Iraq). Journal of Education in Black Sea Region 6 (1), 1-16. Doi:


ELT 103 Advanced English (Dentistry)


ELT 103 Advanced English (Dentistry)


MAT 205 Education and Culture 1  (Education Faculty)

ELT 103 Advanced  English (Dentistry)


MAT 205 Education and Culture 1  (Education Faculty)

ELT 103 Advanced  English (Dentistry)