Abdurrahman Ahmad Wahab

Abdurrahman Ahmad Wahab
Location Tishk International University Erbil Branch Address 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road Erbil KRG IRAQ
Pronouns Male, He / Him / His

Abdurrahman Ahmad Wahab

English Language Teaching

Position: Lecturer
Faculty : Education.
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Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
Teaching philosophy
  • The aim of my teaching is to engage students in social and cultural dialogue as well as critical inquiry and analysis in educational, social, and literary texts and contexts.
  • I utilize course readings and discussions as domains for experiential learning and critical exploration.
  • I consider it fundamental to help students create meaningful connections between major concepts and their practical implications inside and outside the classroom.
  • I also focus on student engagement and consider it a major goal in my teaching philosophy. Organizing courses around questions that are fundamental to the overall course objectives has proven to be the key.
  • I also see my role as providing students with important intellectual incentive and guidance so that students can develop a sense of community through collaborative and interactive learning. I often put weight on collaborative, connected, and experiential learning because the knowledge acquired and developed in the classroom makes more meaning in relation to the realities of individual and community life for each student.
  • I see teaching as a reciprocal relationship between the different worlds of the teacher, the students, and the subject matter in a particular social and institutional setting.
  • I believe that students learn in different ways, that is why I utilize different pedagogical approaches to make the educational process more engaging, meaningful, and effective.
Previous positions
  • Policy Researcher/Training Specialist (American University of Iraq, Sulaimani)
  • Lecturer (Tishk International University)
  • Research Assistant (University of Toronto)
  • Vice Director of Curriculum Development (Ministry of Higher Education, KRG)
Research interests
  • Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Educational Policy.
  • Program Development and Evaluation.
  • Sociological foundations of education.
  • Sociology and equity studies.
  • Democratic education.
  • Nationalism, nation-building and political structures in education.
  • Educational institutions development.
  • Educational reform.
  • Curriculum development in the social sciences and humanities.

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Teaching for Transformation, Education from a Critical Lens, Academic Writing, Creative Writing.
Protection of Civilians from Harm.

Teaching for Transformation, Education from a Critical Lens, TEFL Writing.